Video Game RPGS for Beginners to Avoid

Playing video games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest can be a lot of fun. However, some should be avoided by beginners to the genre at all cost. Thankfully, a list was compiled by…

… on which JRPGS (as they called them) beginners should avoid.

The five worst JRPGs for beginners

It is an excellent list, althro we at Icygeek have only play one of them: [amazon text=Final Fantasy XII&asin=B000F5IH2I].  While we see why someone would say for a newbie to avoid, we think that its proximity to MMORPGs makes for a decent transition, and the weakness of the game in that the individual characters are not individualized enough from each other works out in the beginners behalf.

However, the games we suggest a beginner should avoid are [amazon text=Final Fantasy VI&asin=B00002R28C] and [amazon text=Final Fantasy VII&asin=B0000296O5].  The problem with VI is that it is hard to figure out where on the map you are, which can boggle the mind on where the player should go to next.  VIII‘s problem is the “drawing” mechanic which can make for long battles as you need to draw out as much magic as possible.  We actually have read a novel or magazine while drawing magic, it gets that boring to do for awhile.

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