Want to learn more about Super Mario 2 USA?

I think by now most have heard that the Super Mario 2 the USA received was not the one that Japan had, but instead a remade version of a game called Doki Doki Panic.  But did you know there was more to the story than that? You can learn more about by…watching this video The Gaming Historian made detailing the history of Super Mario 2.


There was one great point made in the video…that when Japan’s Super Mario 2 was being planned for a future release in the USA, that North America was still ailing from the meltdown caused by the Atari fallout, so they didn’t want a successor to a very popular game being way too hard for casual gamers.  What I would add to what the Gaming Historian reported was that this would have impacted the release of Final Fantasy titles as well, as Final Fantasy IV was deemed too difficult for American players and a need was felt to give the US a beginner;s RPG in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.  It’s like when you have begun dating someone who just had a bad break-up…if you really want them, you are going to have to tread gingerly.

The Gaming Historian does many informing and interesting videos, so I highly recommend subscribing to his channel.

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