CPR for Disney’s Hollywood Studios?


For the longest time is was Disney World’s Animal Kingdom that was its poorest performing park.  But now it is the former Disney-MGM Studios that is having problems…

But The Motley Fool speculates that there might be hope yet for the beleaguered park.

Disney Has Big Plans for Its Gutted Theme Park

The biggest idea is that renaming the park to Disney’s Hollywood Adventure and relying on the Toy Story Mania ride to anchor a new Pixar area for the park.  It is hoped by the article that Star Wars will be heavily featured as well.

We at Icygeek believe that Star Wars is big enough to be its own park, so it would easily help save the old Studios park.  A Lucasfilm area could be half the park itself, as they already have an Indiana Jones Stunt Show.  Areas like Hoth, Tatooine, Bespin, and even Naboo can be made into fun ride, and the entire backlot could easily be refurbished to employ the theme.  Can any geek truly say they wouldn’t be drawn to a dunking booth or shooting gallery where you can dunk or shoot at Jar Jar?  Of course not.

I would say make it so, but that’s the wrong franchise.  🙂

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